'The Office' recap: Small Business

Pssst. Officers. I have to let you in on a strange secret about tonight's episode. Ready? It was actually really good. Even though episodes this fractured tend to flail, "Seminar" had a lot going for it -- like, oh, the surprise Ricky Gervais cameo. Is jlp a word?

The episode opened with an unexplained cameo from David Brent himself, and he and Michael hit it off like gangbusters, doing their respective "characters." "Comedy is a place where the mind goes to tickle itself. That's what she said," David said, and then Michael pulled him in for an embrace as only soulmates can. I don't want Gervais to be a regular on the American Office, and I don't think more of Michael and David would be good for the show really, but: This little scene was just pure, perfect joy.

The night's main storyline was about Andy trying to boost his weak sales numbers with a pitch meeting disguised as a business seminar. When his initial lineup of Jim, Dwight, and Phyllis all bailed, the Nard Dog went to his bench and wound up begging Kevin, Ryan (who said yes and then flaked), and Creed to step in. Ultimately, it was Kelly who gave the only legit guidance, courtesy of a professor who has the hots for her. Again: Kelly should be branch manager when Michael leaves, no? Read More...



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