Fairly Legal Review: "Priceless"

Who the heck is David Smith? That was the question we were left with at the end of the latest Fairly Legal episode.

Both stories in "Priceless" were well played. Steven Jenks went to prison for 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit.  How do you compensate for that?  What amount of money will make up for losing over two decades of your life?  The State’s formula of $100 per day hardly seemed fair, but I liked Justin’s point:  There is no magical pot of money. 

An excessive settlement will be paid for by taxpayers and may have adverse effects on the community.  Everything has a price.

But Kate recognizes that Steve is lost.  He has no family, friends or job.  He only has some old dreams that no longer exist and memories of playing ball in an empty lot.  That is what makes Kate’s compromise so perfect. Read More...



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