30 Rock Review: Abort Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning!

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.  I have been giving 30 Rock a hard time as of late, but "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning" did everything I could ask of an episode, and then some. 

We got laughs from a variety of characters, there were a couple of great guest stars on hand and they even got me choked up for a mere moment.

While Tracy Jordan was as crazy as ever this week, he was so logical in his ridiculous behavior that it was almost more funny than usual.  Acting nice in front of his wife's reality show cameras was both a smart move if he wants to win that Oscar, and was hilarious to watch as he agreed to do more and more helpful things for Liz.

While Liz was dealing with her Tracy disaster, Jack was trying to create a horrible disaster out of thin air.  I loved his idea of having a relief special ready the day it hits, and I loved the general idea of having things on TV when the other networks don't.  Why doesn't NBC take advantage of this more often?  Wouldn't they benefit from airing new episodes when CBS and ABC take the night off? Read More...



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