'Nikita': Alex gets a Kia, a kill chip and a new love interest


Welcome back, recruits! Thursday, Jan. 27's "Nikita's" episode, "Free," saw the introduction of a new love interest for Alex, a kiss, some interesting flashbacks and --what else?-- Michael kicking down a door!"Nikita" became one of our must-watch shows after their fantastic mid-season finale which proved to be a total game-changer. Alex killed fellow recruit/nice guy Thom, earning her heartbreak, her first kill and the promotion to agent. Let's dive in, shall we?We open on our two girls Nikita (Maggie Q) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) storming a castle (OK, not really, but it looks like one) to retrieve a black box (or as we like to refer to them -- a horcrux). While searching for the black box, Alex randomly goes under the bed and finds a hidden iPod, which she begins to smile at before a dead Thom (Ashton Holmes) complete with pale face and a gunshot wound appears beside her and says," "Is this...



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