$#*! My Dad Says 1.15 "Ed Goes To Court" Review

Well this weeks title really through me off. I honestly thought Ed was going to a really court, when in fact the court involved here has to do with Rosemary (Jean Smart) and how Ed deals with trying to have a normal relationship. Nevertheless, this episode was able to pack in 30 minutes worth of great humor and a side of Ed we have never seen.

The main story this week is sort of a continuation of last weeks episode (you can find the review here). The kiss seen last week starts the ball rolling as now Ed wants to "nail" (his words not mine) Rosemary. This all comes out during the HOA meeting that is held at Eds home as he is now the president. I loved the talking back and forth between Ed and Marvin (Don Lake) during the meeting. The one thing though that felt very very off during the whole meeting was not the way Ed was talking in code about kissing Rosemary, however it was the fact that Tila Tequila was in the scene. I think the casting director should be checked out for insanity as I found Tila as such a horrible choice to be a guest star on this show... or any show for that matter. But I digress, Ed decides that he really wants to be with Rosemary even if initially it's for sex. I enjoyed how the story progressed from Ed being a somewhat sleezebag to becoming an officer and a gentlemen just to impress Rosemary. The scene where Ed finally realizes that it's worth waiting if you really care about someone was suprising as it came during the hilarity of Ed trying to find hip new clothes to wear (which Marvin ends up wearing). In the end, Rosemary decides to give Ed a chance and I can't wait to see what is in store for this couple. Read More....



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