30 ROCK “Operation Righteous Lightning Cowboy” Review

30 ROCK "Operation Righteous Lightning Cowboy" Season 5 Episode 12 – There were so many things to learn from this week’s episode of 30 Rock: what happens when you hold in a snart while getting your picture taken; how to use Billie Joel’s songs in an argument to defy cameras; why reality television shows will always win out over scripted shows. This week’s episode of 30 Rock found Liz and Tracy at polite war, Jack utilizing his minions to pre-record charity tapes about anticipated natural disasters and we once again went into that cave which is the writers’ den to find out who Lutz would drive to safety in a potential post-apocalyptic world. It was, without a doubt, one of the funniest episodes ever.

Thankfully the show did not drop the killer concept of Angie Jordan’s reality show, Queen of Jordan, which is to join the ranks of other reality shows like live executions and The Real Transvestite Hoarders of Orange County Penitentiary. Unfortunately for Tracy, Angie has the cameras follow him around. Liz takes advantage of Tracy’s fix by cornering him into doing extra work, which he cannot refuse, instead of crashing two blimps into each other to see what sound they made. Climaxing with an angry Billie Joel sing off, this was one of the best storylines of the season. Read More...



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