THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Descent” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "The Descent" Series 2 Episode 12 - Oh, how I’ve missed The Vampire Diaries. I was hoping that ‘The Descent’ would bring the show out of its hiatus with a bang but it was more of a slow build. I’m still not entirely sure what it was building toward; I wasn’t aware that the big final revelation, that Damon misses being human, was actually a secret. It’s seemed pretty obvious for a season and a half – but at least we have Damonus back. Maybe. Hopefully.

This week: Rose suffered from dementia (and killed a few people) as she slowly died from the werewolf bite, Jules killed a handful of campers as a werewolf (and a policeman as a human), Stefan called Isobel (and instead found UncleDaddy John Gilbert), Damon tried to get a cure for Rose from Jules, and Kickass Caroline became the luckiest gal in Mystic Falls since Elena.



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