'Fairly Legal' 1.02 'Priceless' Review

I had high hopes for the second episode of Fairly Legal based on the guest cast alone. "Priceless" features Paul Schulze as a man who wrongfully spent more than two decades in prison. Anyone who saw Schulze's run as Ryan Chappelle on 24, or even his guest appearances on shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Standoff, to name two of my favorites, knows that he's turned in some great performances.

Justin personally hands Kate her next case: Steve (Schulze) has spent twenty-two years behind bars only to be found innocent, and now she has to mediate a settlement between him and the city of San Francisco. The question is if a monetary value can be placed on more than half of someone's life - to the lawyers, anyway, as Steve is more concerned with getting his life back. Kate quickly turns her attention from settling the case to helping Steve find himself again. Schulze is once again fantastic, conflicted and at times almost childlike as Steve's confronted with a vastly different world than the one he left. "I don't know what I want, because everything I want is in the past, and the past is dead," he says, and we can't help but feel for him. Maybe it's because she's got a reliable guest star to play off of, but Sarah Shahi is able to give a much more complex performance than she did in the pilot; there's a fantastic scene where she and Steve demolish the supermarket in which he was arrested, and it shows us a serious, darker side of Kate that steers her away from the flighty Ally McBeal stereotype. Read More...



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