Parks and Recreation: "Flu Season" Review

Holy hell! "Stop...pooping..." Chris looking into the mirror and, in all seriousness, trying to will away his death flu diarrhea was amazing. At the end of last season I thought that his character might get old fast, but he's proving to be a wonderful asset to this show. And his little relationship with Ann (even though maybe she shouldn't really have a boyfriend again so quickly) is great and I love that she's still so excited to be with a guy as peppy and exuberant as Chris. 

Okay. Maybe I'll retract my parenthetical back there since I know that Ann isn't necessarily the funniest character on the show, to say the least, so her ability to shine through really depends on who her boyfriend is. "There was one time I thought he farted," Ann says, trying to find imperfections in Chris, no matter how small. "But it was me."  Read More...


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