Community 2.13 "Celebrity Pharmacology" Review

When a series is as lowly-rated as Community is, the internet-fueled hype about its greatness is a good thing. But as with anything, that hype comes with a price: expectations. When you’ve been anointed as the nextArrested Development by the internet commenter hive-mind, it’s a blessing and a curse.

After tonight’s "Celebrity Pharmacology," I imagine it might be something of a curse.

I think I can say without much hesitation that this is my least favorite episode of the season. Of course, the previous 12 episodes have ranged from flipping fantastic to all-timers, so being the worst episode of the bunch still places it among good company. But even though I backhandedly criticized the internet commenters who believe this is the best program out there, I’m right there with them. Community was #2 on my Top 25 of 2010, I wrote a massive term paper about it and generally adore the program. So I’ll fully admit that my disappointment while watching this episode isn’t justified. I’m grading on too high of a scale and sometimes, especially at this point in the season, series have to depress a bit, churn out a solid, but not great episode and just move on. For me that’s what "Celebrity Pharmacology" is. Read More...


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