YOUNG JUSTICE “Drop Zone” Review

YOUNG JUSTICE Season 1, Episode 4 "Drop Zone" – In "Drop Zone" the YOUNG JUSTICE team is given their first covert mission from Batman. Of course, plans go off-kilter and the real fun begins.

We get Bane, the Venom steroid pumped-up villain whose appeared now in various Batman animated series. And there’s the team’s target, infiltrate Santa Crista (the island of Bane’s creation in the comics, though in a prison) and find the venom factory then call in the Justice League.

Only the terrorist Kobra and his cult have taken over, Bane defeated by a skinny psycho who gets ever more pumped up by what later turned out to be the Cadmus Blockbuster formula (seen in the show’s pilot/debut) mixed with Venom. And that’s the first of many twists, starting with Bane, forced to work for Kobra, offering to help the team find the drugs, while he laughs at Kid Flash and Robin arguing who should be leader. Eventually they decide on Aqualad who says Robin was born to lead and will when he’s ready (he’s only 13 in this show).

Another great DC Comics cameo comes with the new Cadmus drug buyer, Sportsmaster, a far cry from his lighter incarnation of comics decades ago. The show also nails the enigmatic Kobra. Read More...


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