'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' recap: Liam Neeson Strikes Back

Remember how "Secrets Revealed" was the promotional subtitle for this season of The Clone Wars? Well, we’ve had a few secrets served up here and there, but, let’s face it, in magnitude they’ve been more along the lines of "Anakin built C-3PO!" than "I am your father." But no matter. We learned that Darth Maul may still be alive, how Ventress may have left the Clone Wars for good, and, above all, that femme fatale Sy Snootles has Ziro the Hutt’s blood on her hands. "Overlords," though was such a treasure-trove of geeky revelations, that I was half tempted to shout "This is wizard!" Ani-style, before thankfully restraining myself. (Better yet, "Yippee!")

"Overlords" began with Tom Kane’s B-movie narration telling us that the Republic had received a mysterious message based around a Jedi distress code not used for 2000 years. Ah. Already my mind was a Grand Prix, er, podrace of thoughts racing. 2000 years earlier? Hmm. That’s about the time of the Fourth Great Schism, when the Jedi Knight Phanius fell to the Dark Side, becoming Darth Ruin.  He took 50 fallen Jedi with him to found the New Sith Empire, a period in Star Wars lore that’s been largely unexplored. Could "Overlords" finally open up that era’s mythology? Well, ultimately, it didn’t. But it did reveal more about exactly what Anakin’s role as "The Chosen One" really means. Read More...



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