The sword-and-sandals Blood in the Sand prequel surged forward with the promise its first episode tantalized us with, picking up with a beaten and bloodied Batiatus licking his wounds. A more furious John Hannah we’ve never seen, and I forgive the out-of-place Scotsman’s lilt he occasionally flashes for the depth we’re getting to see. I love the fact that we got to watch each small defiance add up, each slave’s subtle affront pricking Batiatus’s already-fragile ego again and again, until finally his cup boildeth’d over, giving us that tasty ending .

I love Batiatus. This is a man who is already certain, deep in his heart, that he will never live up to the grand silhouette of his father. (Awesome we finally get to meet this titan Titus next week!) And yet Batiatus struggles for it, stubbornly kicking and raging and screaming at every unfair twist of fate that makes this impossible task all the harder. "You council me to suck the cock that pisses on me!" he rages at Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), his tantrum in full blow. His affronted ego squashes the terror we know is squirming inside him, and he sets forth in his Great Plan. Read More...


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