Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Jesse Eisenberg and Nicki Minaj

"Cold Open": Oh boy. Michelle Bachmann’s second attempt to make the Tea Party response to the State of the Union address took something already funny (namely, the technical ineptitude of the initial attempt) and made it less funny through obvious sight gags. Plus? Four minutes of Kristen Wiig not directly addressing the camera didn’t produce comedy so much as awkward tension, like when your not-all-there relative talks to invisible people during Thanksgiving dinner. A kernel of a good idea was there (namely, how belt-tightening could produce less-than-stellar results on things such as nationally televised presentations), but buried beneath the more obvious yet less appealing main idea. [Grade: D+]

"Monologue": You’re never gonna believe this, but Jesse Eisenberg is mocking his own awkwardness. The monologue isn’t so much about introducing Eisenberg to the audience so much as an extended PR move for Zuckerberg, who flubbed his backstage stuff with Lorne Michaels but actually came across decently well once onstage. Anything Zuckerberg can do to make people less afraid of his eventual ownership of the world is probably a smart move on his part. Doing something like this will probably earn more goodwill than the large donation he made to Newark schools last year on Oprah. As a public relations move, good stuff. Read More...


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