BIG LOVE “Certain Poor Shepards” Review

It is Christmas time at the Henricksons’ house and, in their eagerness to move past their notoriety, they decide to make it an old fashioned storybook Christmas. Keeping in the Big Love tradition, however, Christmas is quickly ruined. I had the opportunity to review this episode in advance and I cannot recommend enough how much you should watch it. While it is only the third episode of this final season, this is by far the best episode and even better than most episodes in other seasons. I believe it is also the catalyst for the rest of the season and the ending of this great series.

Tonight’s episode of Big Love is full of bombshells and timebombs. It felt like the family was constantly on top of their toes waiting for the next situation or revelation to unfold. Margene reveals a secret that she has kept the entire time she has known the family that threatens to not only tear them apart, but give their opponents more fuel to an already out of control fire of hate and contempt. As she said it, and even before any of the family members could react, I practically shouted at the screen in surprise. It was that good. It also created a downard spiral for the other wives, including Barb who was already having her own issues in this episode. Read More...


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