SHAMELESS (Showtime) “Casey Casden” Review

SHAMELESS (Showtime) "Casey Casden" Season 1 Episode 4 – Debbie takes the Gallagher stealing habit a step too far in the "Casey Casden" episode of SHAMELESS while Kev leaves out one teensy little detail when he drunkenly asks Veronica a rather important question.

Debbie got a taste of grandmotherly love and one-on-one affection with the borrowed Aunt Ginger and now she knows what she’s been missing. Being a Gallagher, she naturally turns to kidnapping. Debbie is fast becoming one of my favorite characters, though I really would be hard-pressed to choose. Once again we get to see the family spring into action to protect one of their own in hilarious fashion (love the breakdown of the plan via map), but this time we do get a sense that maybe–just maybe–they shouldn’t, at least not like this. Yes, Kev gets the evil eye when he mentions that Debbie’s mom leaving and Frank’s alcoholism are partly responsible Debbie’s actions and Steve is shot down when he suggests Debbie gets some help, but we’re left with the unsettling visual of Debbie suddenly kicking ass at lying and then clinging to a doll like it’s a lifeline. Fiona’s "I hope I’m not f-king up the kids" is a more poignant echo of a sentiment she’s expressed before, and it’s left hanging for us to think about. Read More...


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