Californication Review: "Monkey Business"

If we learned one thing this week, it’s that when it comes to autoerotic asphyxiation, you always... use... a spotter! No debate!

As for opulence, Zig Samitur has it. His house looked like the love child of Donald Trump’s apartment and Kimora Lee Simmons’s closet. Was there a clearance sale at the Liberace house of crap that I missed? Fisher Stevens was great from the start. Creepy Warbuck’s had me laughing from the moment he screamed "Silence Agent!"

"Monkey Business" was a great title choice. When director Jonathan Kasdan asked who wanted to get baked and the little Outbreak Monkey raised its tiny hand, I lost it. Only to be one-upped when the little fecal-pelting primate high-fived Hank and stole Charlie’s beer. 

That monkey was channeling Alonzo from Training Day and Hank referenced it nicely as he eluded to the line made famous by Denzel Washington, "King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!" The entire time spent at the mansion was special and highlighted by the fact that Charlie literally spanked Zig’s monkey and killed it, only to discover later that Zig himself died while spanking his other monkey. What a clever and twisted sequence of scenes.

Hank’s initial reluctance to attend the meeting with Zig was typical, but later on I was surprised to see how quickly he passed up the chance to enjoy the two "sister wives."  I have never heard of someone being too stoned to bone. To hear it from Mr. Moody was rather shocking. Great call, though, when he asked them if they were really sisters or just living out some Jack and Meg White like story of relation. Read More...


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