BEING HUMAN “Some Thing to Watch to over Me” Review

BEING HUMAN "Some Thing to Watch over Me" Season 1 Episode 3 - Aidan, Sally, and Josh all make new acquaintances with mixed results in the "Some Thing to Watch over Me" episode of BEING HUMAN. This is the last episode I was able to preview early, and I have to say, while I would have preferred more Josh in it, it’s my favorite of the first three.

So, are you hooked yet? Has Being Human earned a spot on your DVR? I was surprised how fast I started caring about them and I’m happy to say this episode only makes me more invested because it goes deeper into the choices they have to make every day and what those choices do to them and those around them.

There’s no Rebecca this week, but that doesn’t mean Aidan doesn’t have problems. In fact, he must face one of the less advertised aspects of living hundreds of years: running into someone you may or may not have wronged. This is actually a great storyline and it plays out well with good pacing and an unexpected resolution. I like how Bishop is woven into Aidan’s stories. He’s there almost as both angel and devil on Aidan’s shoulders (mostly devil, of course) and I enjoy their rapport. Read More...


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