Shameless Review: "Casey Casden"

The Gallaghers are an admittedly unique and crazy little bunch. However, Debbie seems to be on a mission to step up the crazy.  On "Casey Casden," therefore," she went all out and stole a toddler.

Each week, it becomes more obvious that Debbie is growing up with deeper troubles than the rest of the Gallagher kids.  She craves a different bond, one that is not completely fulfilled by her siblings. Everyone suspects it and Fiona acknowledges it when she muses to Steve that she "hopes she’s not f*cking up the kids."

Last week, Debbie’s world took a steeper downfall when they had to return faux Aunt Ginger to the home.  Everyone else used Aunt Ginger as a prop to help keep the family out of trouble, but Debbie formed an emotional attachment, one she was using to fill a void. 

This week, while at a birthday party, she watches a family playing together and gets jealous that they have parents who take care of them and she has absentee ones.  For some reason, Debbie thinks that stealing a baby will make it all better. Read More...


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