Shameless 1.04 "Casey Casden" Review

It seemed like last week when the Gallagher family got into a crazy scheme and kidnapped an old lady that I thought I had seen everything. Well, I was totally wrong. This week upped the ante a bit with a little help from a 3 year old baby and a lot of help from Debbie. That's right, Debbie kidnapped a baby and I like many of you am still reeling after the whole escapade.

I really had no idea that this episode was going this direction until it smacked me right in the face. The episode started out with a cute pretend potato bag baby Debbie was carring for. From then on, I started to see that Debbie really is a change from the other Gallaghers. She just wants to have a normal life and it shows that the life she has now with no Mom and Frank as her Dad will make her do anything to feel like a normal kid. I really enjoy the fact that Debbie is getting more screen time as Emma Kenney is an actress well beyond her years but, I feel that the writers are realying on her character way to much. Last weeks episode was very Debbie focused and so was this episode. I really wish the writer will build up the characters more throughout the season and not just Debbie. Read More...


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