Naruto: Shippuden Episode #195 - Review

The story for this episode gives us a good range of characters from their younger years under Kakashi's tutelage as they're sent to some village that's suffering like other villages do seemingly every week in that they're being accosted by bandits and it's becoming really troublesome. So much so that they've requested help from the Hidden Leaf village. The team heads there to help and learns of the troubles facing them from the village elder, who has as a friend an ex-bandit that has provided invaluable information on how bandits operate. You can sense trouble from the guy right from the start though and even the elders that are in the group seem to take him at less than face value. As we get a feel for the bandits, you have to laugh at just how overly elaborate their secret hidden underground base is as it's the kind that could house the entire village comfortably and give them quite the life. With Shikamaru as the main focus of this episode, initially talking up his master strategy ability for someone young of age, it's no surprise that there's a few twists and turns in how the showdown goes with the bandits. They have the foreknowledge of his being involved to plans are set to deal with him first and then with the rest of the team. It's kind of an all around awkward setup and execution as we see Shikimaru taking things on alone while getting everyone else to step back for a bit so his plan can execute. I typically like Shikimaru as a character but this very self centered approach to things for his plan, which of course does work because he's a genius, comes across as a bit off-putting overall. The whole story feels oddly structure and paced in a way that doesn't flow well. It's a fairly big event that's happening but it lacks the charisma to pull it off. Read More...


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