Gosick Episode #01 - Review

Kazuya comes across as a decent young man who isn't exactly thrilled to be where he is, but he's discovering quite a lot of beauty there even as other students talk up ghost stories, the grim reaper and other elements of the occult while keeping him at arms length. What seems to set him down a path that will change his life is when he ends up in this lush room where a young woman is sitting on the elaborate floor that looks like a doll and tells him what his future will be like. He's convinced she's a doll but it's actually a fellow student that's never at her desk named Victorique. Victorique lays into him pretty easily as she pins down his personality traits and place in the world which sort of disarms him, but also puts the two rather quickly int a position where they're somewhat comfortable around each other. At least until the handsome dandy with bizarre hair named Grevil arrives and adds the comedic element to the series. Well, outside of some of the more outgoing students we've seen. Read More...



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