Gosick Episode #03 - Review

The story for this two parter hasn't exactly grabbed me hugely, though it's been very well executed as the group of people that have been brought on board the ship are slowly being killed. The mystery of it and how this particular ghost ship has been refitted, rebuilt and reused for the purpose at hand was really intriguing in the first part, especially as Victorique showed how the double rooms worked. With this episode, it turns to the mystery again but the violence is heightened as there are fewer people left and some surprises are brought into play with who is truly left. Victorique's deductive abilities work well, though it doesn't hurt that one of those said to be dead has suddenly risen and is revealed to be the Hound Hunter that will deal with the rest of them. The malice is really well done here as once they know who they're dealing with, it becomes even more oppressive. Read More...



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