Beelzebub Episode #03 - Review

In the mean time, Oga has Hilda breathing down his throat to treat Beel right and give him the things he needs. And that includes milk to grow big and strong with. Of course, the kind of milk he needs comes from a special place in hell, so it's not exactly an easy thing that he can get his hands on. Solutions are few and far between but he lucks out with a particular kind of yogur that Beel really, really, likes a whole lot. That situation pits Oga against another group of thugs in the school who want the yogurt themselves, but Oga's need is greater, which leads to a quick beatdown of everyone and a call for vengeance by them thereafter. It's predictable, but there's a lot to like in watching a show that's so plainly focused on a large number of fairly badass guys. The testosterone level here is significantly high and that's definitely appealing after so, so, so many shows featuring milksop male leads and nothing but women everywhere. Read More...


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