One Piece Episode #484 - Review

What's not dealt with for the first half of the episode is what Whitebeard's reaction to all of this is. With what they all went through to free Ace, and with Ace certainly being one of his special sons, Whitebeard is going to snap in the opposite way of Luffy and even as wounded as he is, he's going all out on Akainu who still intends to take out Luffy as well. Akainu has rarely shown fear of any kind that I can remember but up against Whitebeard, he's not as certain as he has been in the past, though it doesn't stop him from going full throttle against him. Whitebeard has had his share of powerful moments in this arc, but the rage of a 'father' over the death of his son is very strong here as he intends to stop Akainu and have his revenge. Read More...


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