Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #14 - Review

We start right into the action with no recap, but begin with one of the minor side strands that hasn't received too much attention for a while. An unknown female (female? you'll see) is reporting in about the activities of the Chokijin, those ancient and mysterious beasts that were seen earlier in the show, are preventing the "correction of the world." As we see further, we see that this female appears to be tied to those strange alien creatures with tentacles that tried to attack the Chokijin back on Earth. So, perhaps more light will be cast on them in the future. But, after the title screen, we return to where we were, with Major Gilliam Yeager and Lamia Loveless debriefing the EFA forces about their counterparts, the EFA from the Shadow Mirror universe. Gilliam reveals the details of the System XN, the transdimensional transportation device that allowed him first, and then the Shadow Mirror "Whiskey" group later, to cross into "our" world. It appears as well that since Gilliam is the creator and the one who knows best how to operate the System XN devices, the Shadow Mirror group needs him back to further their plans. Lamia also reveals that she is an artificial human, as was "Wodan," the man who faced Sanger Zonvolt, who was in fact created with biological information from the Sanger on the other side.  Read More....


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