Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #16 - Review

Mai tries to run away in the R-Gun, with "Levi" pushing her. Unfortunately, the R-Gun runs into Dr. Setme and her squad of brainwashed minions. It looks bad, but before she is captured, the SRX Team comes to her rescue. It's unfortunate (looks like I'm going to be using that word a lot this episode) that the Kobayashi sisters run into Dr. Setme, for she proceeds to tell them that they were once test subjects in the secret facility on brain research where she once worked alongside Kenzo Kobayashi. The "sisters" have memories of being Kenzo's daughters only because Setme and Kenzo placed them in their heads. With Setme's venom unleashed, Aya and Mai are rendered near catatonic. This leaves Ryuusei, Latooni, Arado and Shine a little under-supported (fortunately for Ryuusei and Aya, they brought along Latooni, Arado, and Shine), but the cavalry arrives when Raidese and Viletta join the fight. Read More...


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