Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #17 - Review

Mekibos, the lead Inspector at Langley, does not seem phased at all by the attack. Perhaps that's because he knows that he's not alone. As the Earth units close in on the base, another unit jumps in: the Shadow Mirror command ship the Ganland. Vindel Mauser then opens fire on the Hagane, scoring a direct hit. At this point, Mekibos makes his appearance and unleashes a devastating lightning weapon which appears to immobilize a large number of personal troopers. The Neo DC command ship is among the most severely damaged, with Colonel Van wounded. The betrayal of Vindel Mauser hits him hard, but Mauser, of course, is unrepentant. He doesn't care about the Earth being attacked, so long as his world of conflict without end can be achieved. And now he has Kyousuke in his sights again, as Mauser's single-minded fixation on "Beowulf" drives him to ignore all else.  Read More...


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