Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #03 - Review

The series does continue to have an amusing sense of humor about it though, which makes the characters very interesting to watch. Aikawa for his part still does his normal things like going to school, but he tries to keep things minimal, such as avoiding the heat for fear of his skin peeling away. As he tells a fellow classmate, he just doesn't get along well with it. The fanservice side of the show is pretty blatant when they want to draw it out too. During a bit of downtime, the girls play Twister, with Yuu spinning the dial, which means a far too brief of a period where Haruna and Seraphim are stretching and reaching from very intriguing camera angles as they try to win the game. You have to love a show that handles it so blatantly like this. Everyone seems to view them sexually though, even at a bowling alley with friends, so it's pretty much a given at this point. Read More...



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