Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #04 - Review

While this lets Ayumu get off the hook since he's not going to go up against the Hellscythe, Kerberos is off to collect another soul that is about to die and bring it down to the underworld. This has Ayumu wanting to get involved, likely to stop it in some way, so he tags along with him. What's really intriguing is that Ayumu learns something about Yuu that she hadn't revealed to him in that when she healed him by turning him into a zombie, she took on all of his pain as a price for it. That tightens up the relationship between the two in a new way since there has to be a reason for it, or that she simply finds him to be really special. With the things we've learned about how they met, the kindness he showed her obviously meant a lot more than was let on for her to go this route and to now live with him and these other women who have arrived. Read More...



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