Dragon Crisis! Episode #01 - Review

The series revolves around Ryuji, a high school student whose life is about to get turned around in a pretty rough way. Ryuji's life is fairly normal until his second cousin, Eriko, comes to school with a notice of early departure for him and whisks him away. She's been abroad in America for the last three years and has formed a company called Seven Tails in which they hunt up precious lost treasures. Her group isn't exactly approved by the treasure hunters society just yet, but it's not stopping her (and her skimpy outfit) from going after the goods. She's intent on getting in between a trade of valuable goods that's going to happen at the docks that night and she needs Ryuji to give her a handle. Amusingly, while they're waiting, she wants to get caught up by smooshing his face in her ample breasts. Read More...



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