Dragon Crisis! Episode #03 - Review

One of the basics of what's going on, at least in the explanations from the black dragon named Onyx, is that humans and dragons cannot coexist together so her ideal time spent with him is something that she shouldn't be latching onto. Onyx's confidence is intriguing to watch since he does it in a very calm and friendly way, which runs nicely parallel to what Ryuji is doing in that he's essentially storming the tower that she's being kept in. Ryuji takes very quickly to the strong lead role here, too much so in a way, once he gets the proper blade and is pointed in the right direction. It's definitely welcome to not see him go through a whole lot of cowardly moments and gnashing of the teeth, but he does go perhaps just a bit too far in the opposite direction for realities sake. At the least, you can believe that the special blade he has is giving him some added confidence and is encouraging him in its own way. Read More...



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