Dragon Crisis! Episode #04 - Review

Considering how serious the show got, some levity is definitely in order, though they have to walk a bit of a careful balance with Rose in that you don't want to make her too appetizing since she's so young. But what is made clear here is that while we thought of Rose as young based on the clothes she wore and her personality, she's definitely older in real form than we thought based on the bathing suit she wears. It's actually nice to make her a bit older than expected since it makes the whole relationship just a bit less creepy. That Rose is kept to very child-like outfits is a problem in and of itself, but having her be older than that helps to mitigate it. Naturally, any time spent on vacation is going to be disturbed and the main trio finds themselves wrapped p in a request for help from someone sending a letter with a dragon stamp on it. Read More...



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