Freezing Episode #02 - Review

Naturally, when Kazuya tries to make amends, it's not going to go right as Ganessa appears and she's hungry to take Bridget down another notch with no concerns that she's already hurt from what had just happened. This turns into quite the little dangerous match out in the academy and not one of the testing grounds which leads to a lot of destruction against a really appealing sunset backdrop that gives everything a hazy and soft feeling that's contrasted by the sharpness of the weapons. The majority of this episode focuses on the back and forth fight between the two which is fairly well intense, but it loses something in several segments because of the poor obscuring done to hide either the gratuitous blood and/or the nudity that comes from it. While the backdrop works well at first, as it progresses and as Bridget changes, the colors do not work in its favor. Read More...


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