Fractale Episode #03 - Review

This shift in the Fractale storyline brings us some new information and understanding of the world as it turns out that this group is a faction called the Lost Millennium, which slowly comes out as Clain is shown more of the curious village where there's a creeping growth over the old buildings that looks very alluring in its style. While we were aware from the first episode that this occurs some time after the 22nd century, it's here that we learn that we're a good thousand years past the introduction of the Fractale system and that the people within here operate outside of that system by growing their own food, educating people the old fashioned way and avoiding use of dopples and other data networks that would be used to pour information into people. Everyone works in the fields and at other jobs rather than just lazing around all the time. As is said, humans lost their spirit and grit due to the Fractale system and the Lost Millennium is about restoring that. Read More...


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