'The Bachelor': NASCAR punches in the stomach. And the heart.


There are 11 women left on "The Bachelor" and it's time to hit the road -- Las Vegas, baby! There is going to be a solo date, a group date and the first two-on-one date. Excellent. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin.The girls get a suite at the Aria hotel and casino and it's awesome. We aren't the biggest fans of Las Vegas, but if you get to experience it when money is no object, it's probably pretty fun. Solo DateShawntel gets a date card, woo! Love her, Team Shawntel. They head to a posh mall and get to have a shopping spree, wow. Brad and Shawntel appear to be having a great, relaxed, chill time together, it's very fun. She leaves the mall laden down with many bags, so when she gets back to the suite, the girls are totally jealous.Particularly Michelle, who she think "is not ready for someone like Brad."...



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