90210 “It’s Getting Hot In Here” Review

90210 "It’s Getting Hot In Here" Season 3 Episode 13 – With Ade being hounded by the paparazzi, Silver trying to avoid Navid, Annie trying to avoid Liam, Naomi trying to avoid everything and cousin Emily just trying to fit in, a yoga retreat seems like the perfect solution. It also serves as the perfect setting for everyone to air their issues including the girls’ issues with Adrianna’s self absorption and their own personal issues such as Ade giving up a baby for adoption or Naomi wanting to do more with her life and help other women.

I have to say I am proud of Naomi. The yoga retreat touched her the most and it was nice to hear her speak of something other than spending money. Hopefully this change will last longer than the week of the retreat. I rather enjoy the better side of Naomi. What I do not enjoy is the ugly turn Adrianna has taken yet again. It seems like only last season that she fell by the wayside and was ostracized by the girls. While I can understand the frustration with someone that thinks the world is treating her unfair when it is all her undoing, it just feels repetitive. It was nice to see Adrianna finally open up in the sweat lodge and admit to having a baby and giving it up for adoption. Unfortunately, she learned nothing from the retreat except that she has an even juicier story to sell to make money and stay relevant. The question is, will she hurt her baby’s life in the process? Read More...



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