'The Bachelor' Season 15, Episode 5 Recap

The producers of 'The Bachelor' are truly outdoing themselves this year, continuing their run of the most sadistic dates imaginable. At the start of the show, the dates were just cruel to us (no more singing, Brad, we beg you!) but over the past couple of weeks, we've had Chantal facing her aversion to deep water, Michelle's (possibly fake) fear of heights and, this week, Emily's heartbreaking trauma relating to NASCAR. I thought we were watching a dating show, not 'Fear Factor'.

If all of next year's contestants confessed to a fear of spiders, I'm wondering if the show would concoct a group date wherein they have to crawl through a pit of tarantulas in search of ballgowns and diamond jewelery. I can't deny that it would make for entertaining television, but the date choices have all seemed very convenient this season, especially following Chris Harrison's confirmation to People last week that the producers definitely have a hand in picking the dates. Read More...



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