'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

When 'The Cape' began, it had quite a bit of promise. Sure, it was tightroping the line between cheese and earnest action, but it managed to start out with the right footing. But as we reach 'Dice,' the show seems to be looking down, not unlike Vince Faraday, and flailing about a bit for some sort of through-line that connects comic book heroics with a father's search for justice. It's about as plodding as the metaphor I've strewn throughout this introductory paragraph.

Ideas generally aren't the problem on 'The Cape' so much as execution. Having a person who can essentially see into the future? A fine idea. It was also a fine idea a few months ago over on 'Fringe,' but that iteration of the tale managed to wrap that particular version around some compelling human drama. Tonight's take featured two villains playing a game, with Vince Faraday left dangling (sometimes literally) off to the side. Faraday need not be the center of every episode, but 'Dice' essentially carted him off to make more room for guest star Mena Suvari. Read More...



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