Gossip Girl 4.12 "Damian Darko" Review

The 'Blair and Dan quagmire' got more complicted in last night's Gossip Girl, and is it just me or is the chemistry between the two worth an A+ or what?

Dair To Go There?

Forget Chuck's drama with the Thorpes or Serena's latest boy toy of the moment theatrics, seeing Dan and Blair spar with each other in the halls of W. Magazine was a definite delight. Leighton Meester and Penn Padgley clearly carried this entire episode and it's about time the writers gave them more screen time together to actually get to know one another. Sure Dan and Blair have been involved in schemes and take-downs together, but I can't remember when the two actually got to know one another in great detail. Now that Humphrey and B can acknowledge each other as more than a commoner and a diabolical bitch, respectively, will their relationship transcend that of just a budding friendship? Read More...



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