Chuck 4.13 "Chuck vs the Push Mix" Review

This week we saw what Chuck does best and that is finales, of course this isn't the season finale (thankfully) but was originally intended to be so. Josh Schwartz boldly claimed that the last 10 minutes were the best in Chuck history and whilst I would disagree with this statement it was most definitely an excellent ending and would have satisfied as a season finale. For the record my favourite moments in Chuck would be the season 2 episodes "Chuck vs the Santa Claus", "Chuck vs The Ring" and last years "Chuck vs the Other Guy".

What we got from "Chuck vs the Push Mix" was a conclusion to the Volkoff story and the birth of Ellie and Awesome's baby. This pregnancy has felt very quick much like the plotting of the Volkoff story but again this can be explained by the originally short season especially when we now have another half to go. If we do get a season 5 (fingers crossed very tightly on this) and the same structural problems happen I hope that the stories will not feel as rushed as they have for the last few episodes. Read more...


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