Pretty Little Liars 1.15 "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again" Review

Last night's Pretty Little Liars introduced a new element of a threat to the show who didn't get the memo that blatantly threatening a Little Liar is not the name of the game.

Emily decided to rejoin the swim team and was met up with a girl named Paige, who takes her love of the game one step too damn far. Seeing Emily as competition and a threat to the title of Swim Team Captain, Paige goes out of her way to let Emily know that she's not having it, despite Emily not caring two nuts about the swim team that much. Not only does Paige makes a homophobic remarks to Emily while trying to get her point across, but she also tries to drown Emily when their coach finds out! While we're itching to add Paige to the PLL Suspect List just because she's bat crap crazy, the girl doesn't seem to have anything Allison De Laurentis-related on her brain. Lord, help us if she did, because Paige doesn't do secret texts or messages, she goes for the throat. Literally. Read More...


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