'Human Target' 2.11 'Kill Bob' Recap And Review

Tonight begins the week-and-a-half push toward Human Target's second season (potentially series?) finale. FOX is fast-tracking the final three episodes, starting with tonight and ending with the season finale just nine days away. That's a whole lot of Chance to enjoy in a short period of time. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Bob Anderson (Todd Grinnell) didn't get the memo that white guys shouldn't attempt dancing to rap music, even if it's in your car while stuck in traffic. Maybe that lack of taste is why a mysterious person on a motorcycle tries to kill him. After that, he turns to Chance and Winston for help, saying, "I'm like the last guy anyone would want to kill." Chance and the team shadow Bob and his wife Angie (Lauren German, What We Do Is Secret), who produces a gun and one seriously evil look on her face. Really, the only way she could be any more obvious is if she started laughing maniacally. Chance and Guerrero manage to get Bob back to their surveillance van, but have to break the news to Bob that his wife really doesn't love him that much, and is certainly not a teacher. Read More...



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