'Lie To Me' 3.13 'Killer App' Review

Man, Ashton Holmes must be really bitter about being killed offNikita, because now he's turned the tables and knocking people off himself on the third-season (series?) finale of Lie To Me. Okay, I'm kidding about that first part, but he certainly plays bad so very well. In fact, he's made Gillian cry. You do not make Gillian Foster cry.

Two days earlier, Cal is busy annoying the daylights out of Zach Morstein (Holmes), who's one of the young wunderkinds behind a social networking program called SeekOut. He's there to tell Zach that he knows all about his evil plan, thanks to Zach's friend Claire (Alexandra Lydon, who'll always be Jane Saunders on 24 to me), who's asked for her former therapist Gillian's help to find out if he's trying to steal the company out from under her. Cal believes that Claire is hiding something herself, but he's also busy messing with the head of a potential new hire named Key (Michael B. Jordan), by sending him to follow (you had to know this was coming) Emily's boyfriend Liam. Yet before he can probe what's up with Claire, Gillian finds her dying in her apartment, which is why she's crying. This makes Cal go into a completely other gear. When things are personal for Gillian, they're personal for him. He sets out on a mission to hold Zach responsible for everything he's done. Read More...



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