'Chuck' 4.13 'Chuck Versus The Push Mix' Review

It's been said that this week's Chuck was written as a potential series finale, and it certainly did feel as if it could double as one. "Chuck Versus The Push Mix" certainly packed a lot into one installment, but thankfully, it's not going to be the last.

Casey is in the hospital after last week's tumble, but even that doesn't stop him from making sure that Chuck gets the Hydra fragment that Sarah instructed him to deliver. Nowthat's dedication. Chuck's own commitment to his orders is wavering as he sees everyone in his life falling apart because of the machinations of Alexei Volkoff. He's not content waiting anymore, and enlists Morgan to help him find Roni Eimacher, the man who designed Hydra. This does not go particularly well at first, but eventually leads them to information that helps them meet up with Mama Bartowski and Sarah in an unusual location. Read More...



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