Lie to Me Review: "Killer App"

Wow. Where to start reviewing the Lie to Me season finale?

Overall, "Killer App" had so much in it that I want to talk about. I will start with my nod to Paul James, who played Kyle. I have really enjoyed him in Greek and it was great to see him in something else.

With that small item is out of the way, let’s move on to the main aspects of the installment.

Lightman’s new hire: Ria pulled the kid off the streets a few episodes ago and now it looks like she may have someone to take under her wing when the show returns, as there was a clear connection between Lightman and the young recruit.  While I am sure our interview had nothing to do with the new character, it would be fun if it did.

Personal case for Gillian: Ria and Eli called her out on "doing that thing Lightman does" when they pointed out the case was a personal case on company time. However, unlike a lot of Lightman’s cases this one got very personal when Claire was murdered. Kelli Williams did such a great job with the tears in each scene. I really felt her pain. I really hope the Emmy voters watch this episode. Read More...


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