Chuck 4.13 "Chuck vs. the Push Mix" recap

Chuck vs. The Push Mix" opens in Casey's hospital room with Casey still in bad shape and mostly unresponsive. Ellie says he'll regain consciousness in a couple days. Alex shouldn't worry -- Casey is family, and Bartowskis take care of their family. (Nice use of the slow Chuck theme music in this scene.)  A low sound is heard.  Morgan knows that sound anywhere: it was a Casey grunt!  What is he saying, they wonder. "Pants..."  Why did Casey say "pants?"  Morgan thinks it's because he'll never walk again and won't need pants, but Alex offers that maybe there is something in them.  Morgan searches Casey's pockets and retrieves the piece of the Hydra eyeball.  He hands it to Chuck who flashes information on Hydra and its designer, Ronnie Eimacher.  Chuck wonders where Casey got the eyeball.  Another whisper emits from Casey the answer to Chuck's question, "Sarah." Read More...


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