HARRY’S LAW “Innocent Man” Episode 3 Review

HARRY’S LAW "Innocent Man" Episode 3 – So in the opening scene, a priest is introduced to Harry. The priest announces he is also a bookie on the side, and has taken the confession of a now-dead parishioner whose testimony had helped send a man to prison for a murder he did not commit. The priest apparently also has some sort of woman’s shoe fetish.

And if ya don’t buy any of that…

Once again this is David E. Kelley’s world, and we’re just living in it.

I still have some issues with this series. Harry’s Law is entertaining, don’t get me wrong; Kathy Bates is actually showing us stuff she’s never shown before. (And I don’t mean like when she bathed nude with Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt.) (My mom loved that movie.) The acting is solid, save for a few minor head-scratchers, and the guest-stars all get their chance to do their thing, showcasing their wares. Read More...



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