SKINS (MTV) “Chris” Review

SKINS (MTV) "Chris" Episode 3 – Tonight’s episode of Skins, "Chris", was probably the most compelling episode of the series thus far in large part thanks to Jesse Carere’s portrayal of the character. In my review last week I commented that Carere seemed to have the most natural sense of timing and while his performance in this episode is not particularly award-winning it was the first time I believed everything about the character I was being introduced to. As expected, the rest of the Skins ensemble provided the bulk of poorly acted dialogue but the worst offenders were not featured much and their sub plots were forgettable so overall this episode was mostly successful despite the occasional awkward moments.

Chris, like the rest of his posse, is no stranger to drinking, casual sex and drugs. I believe there are, and probably always have been, American teens who are equally familiar with these vices, but what had been missing in the first two episodes that I finally saw tonight was a believable portrayal of high school kid who happens to live in a world of pills and parties. Chris doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s not playing it cool, wild or sexy so he’s quickly become the character I like the most. I totally believe that he is real. Read More...


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