HUMAN TARGET “Kill Bob” Review

HUMAN TARGET "Kill Bob" Season 2 Episode 11 – This episode felt like it was meant to air somewhere around Valentine’s Day because there sure was a whole lotta love happening in it. Not necessarily all the mushy kind either. I mean unless you count a wife who is apparently trying to kill her husband as the mushy kind. In the end though, the wife was actually trying to keep her husband alive and after nearly killing each other, the two of them were closer than ever.

Then there was Ames, who went off and married some guy in Vegas and apparently invited everyone to the wedding except for Winston. Not a lot of mushiness happening with that story though, since she and the new hubby were annulled by the time the credits rolled. Still not sure what the whole point of that storyline was, but I did get a couple of giggles out of it. Read More...


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